Tackling the teacher recruitment challenge together

It’s virtually impossible to escape from the simple fact that the education sector is experiencing challenging times and undergoing seismic shifts in government personnel and policy changes. A perfect storm appears to be well past the brewing stage, with increasing student numbers, large-scale budget cuts, and one of the most arduous periods in which to recruit teachers.

Our comprehensive white paper faces the facts and considers solutions to navigate the landscape in order to attract, recruit and retain the top talent for our schools. Download our free report today to find out more.

Our white paper discusses how by adopting a three-pronged approach of 'Attract, Recruit, Retain', school leaders can make straightforward but hugely effective adjustments to how they advertise for, hire and support their staff.


Reinvigorate the talent pool

Every profession needs to proactively attract a strong talent pool of new entrants to maintain its viability, encourage fresh ideas and leadership, and ensure the highest standards. The education sector is no different. But attracting new talent to the teaching profession is becoming increasingly difficult.

Schools need to be on a constant drive to compete to attract the top candidates by proactively promoting their school’s values, opportunities, culture and reputation through a variety of channels and technologies.

Challenges to overcome:

  • Increasing pupil numbers mean we will need a widening talent pool

  • Teaching has an image problem which needs to be redressed

  • Schools need to reinvigorate the ways in which they advertise roles

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Over 95% of jobseekers look for their next job online, and yet only 39% of all employers use social media for recruiting and hiring.


Streamline the process for all involved

Properly planned recruitment saves time and money. It is crucial for successful organisational performance, maintaining morale and ensuring full output. Developing a proactive, strategic approach to recruitment, making use of industry knowledge, time-saving technologies, and proper monitoring of performance, is key in any sector. Recruiting in education is no different.

It is essential we make the process for recruiting teachers easier for both schools and applicants, reviewing and overhauling antiquated approaches, automating and streamlining time-consuming or expensive elements.

Challenges to overcome:

  • School leaders lack the time, resources, and specialist knowledge to dedicate to strategic recruitment approaches

  • Hiring tends to be approached on an ad hoc, firefighting basis and needs to have a greater priority

  • Applying for teaching jobs is time-consuming and off-putting, with lengthy forms and little scope to submit applications online

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An astonishing 60% of candidates are starting but failing to finish applications for teaching posts.


Hang onto your most valuable assets

An overhaul of schools’ approaches to attracting and recruiting might seem the key to tackling the teacher recruitment challenge. But it’s not difficult to see that another major contributing factor to the current crisis is the simple fact that far too many teachers and education practitioners are leaving the profession.

Teachers are passionate about the difference they make, but they need to be better supported, with clear career guidance, continued professional development, and a reassessment of the unreasonable workload placed upon them.

Challenges to overcome:

  • Record numbers of teachers are leaving the profession

  • The root causes of poor retention are teachers’ unmanageable workloads, poor work-life balance and resulting stress

  • Schools often lack the HR expertise, money and time to invest effectively in staff engagement and professional development

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Since 2011, there has been a 12% increase in the number of teachers leaving the profession.